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Monday, May 23, 2011

Fairy Tale Unit Part TWO (PHOTO POST)

Ok, there is a good chance I'll be posting photos for the next three nights because some of these activities came out


Today was Goldilocks Day....ALL DAY! We did...

Shared Writing: Goldilocks is WANTED! ;)

Blow these up and read them, I swear these kids crack me up!

So....we made Fairy Tale Laptops today...we wrote and EMAIL to a Goldilocks Character!

Look for:
1. The email addresses they created- SO cute
2. The messages/questions they ask their characters
3. The little pumpkin I caught pretending he was really sending an email! hehehe =)

And something non-teaching related...

We visited our future home site!! That's totally OUR grass!!! hahaha =)

Have a great evening,


  1. Tomorrow is our last day of school, but girl, I can't wait to use this next year! CUTE!! Love the email idea and CONGRATS on the homesite! Grass looks great!

  2. love your goldilocks stuff the laptops are so stinking cute. my girls would love to do those are they part of the download from fairy tales?

    congrats on your house :)

  3. Laptops are SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! My kids would go crazy with this!!

  4. I cannot wait until you post these items for download!!! My class will go gaga next year when we do fairy tales! Awesome stuff!

  5. Can't wait to see it all! AND, CONGRATS on your future home :)


  6. Oh my goodness. Those laptops are the cutest thing EVER! I'm already imagining various ways to use those. I love, love, LOVE it!! Please tell me that will be available for download!

  7. This unit looks like so much fun! I saw an activity center that had individual "laptops" for each child and they practiced typing their sight words/spelling words etc


  8. These are adorable ideas and are very original! I can't wait to see more of your fabulous fairy tale ideas.

  9. Love the laptops!

  10. Love the email idea. My kids would ask if we could find the cottage via Google Earth. :)

    Congrats on becoming a home owner.

  11. Love the pictures! Can't wait for the download. So very happy for you and your hubby...congrats on the future home.

  12. So cute!! I'm at the end of my year, but this will for sure be in my plans next year. I'm jealous of your grass...all I have is weeds:)

  13. Oh my gosh! I love the laptop idea. Will you be posting the template??? Awesome idea!

  14. congrats on your new home, it is such and exciting time. I am using a lot of your fairy tale unit this week.
    Any way you could post all the books you need for the unit?

  15. Your resources are so adorable! I complete my teaching degree at the end of this year and cannot wait to try out some of your amazing units.

    Keep the great work up. You are very inspiring :)


  16. So cute! Do tell - where can we get these laptops? (Please don't say Best Buy....I'm living on a teacher's budget.) Seriously, too cute...would love to use them.


  17. Love the laptops! Post, post, post, please post! Would love to use it next year:-)

  18. *HI PJKQ4! It's available on my Tpt store inside of the entire part two unit! thanks!! =)

  19. I love the laptops! I am an elementary computer teacher and had been thinking about doing a project like this. You've inspired me to create a computer template for the kids to type their "e-mail" into.
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. I adore your Fairy Tale units one and two! Are both units included in your Fairy Tale unit on TPT or are they broken into two separate purchases? Thanks!!

  21. hi! One purchase gets you all things fairy tale!! thanks so much =)

  22. Hi!!
    Would you be able to create JUST the laptop for download and I'm done my Fairy Tale unit but would love this laptop template to use in my classroom!!:)