Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Clubbin' Away

Book clubs are giving us life in our classroom. We are pushing...crawling to make it to Spring Break and it hasn't been easy. But.
*book clubs.*

Today, we were chatting away in the Jigsaw Jones book club. We were sharing snacks and lounging on the floor chatting about the characters in our books. Sharon mentions that Jigsaw has a character named Joey that she met. She shows her character sketch and sharing some of the notes she took about him. Olivia proceeds to pull out her chapter chunks and character sketches and the neatest thing happened: the character sketches looked really similar! It was so clear that they had been studying the same character. The traits that they had jotted down across two different texts made total sense.

Another cool thing: I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted these sheets to be scaffolds so that when they get a reader's notebook, they can do these things naturally. Well, a student asked to take their club folder home for homework (yessss!) and he told me that he ran out of chapter chunk worksheets so he made his own. He was so proud! I was too.

I've been modeling book club skills using Horrible Harry. It's been great to really dig deep into these characters. When a character does something, it's fun to hear the kiddos remark things like, "she just tattled on Harry again. That's so 'Mary'" This makes the transfer to independent book clubs so much easier- especially since I can't meet with every group everyday. 

If you want to pick up the book club scaffold sheets, click the photo below!! 

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