Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sneak Peak From 3...2...1...Blast Off!

Here are a few snapshots from my mini-unit that I started this week.
I thought I'd ease into outer space with a morning read aloud.
We are actually studying Eric Carle- so it was a blessing to find this darling little book at Half Price Books (does anyone else L-O-V-E that place?) Called, Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me.

Anyway, it's a book that Eric wrote for his daughter who wanted to play with the moon. Her dad gets her the moon, and she dances with it. (below)
So, during our word work component at this point in the year, (after our phonics study of, course) I've been focusing a lot more on grammar and sentence structure in order to prep them for 2nd grade. This means a lot more written response!
Here is what I created:

And here are what  some of my little pumpkins came up with:

During the afternoon, I give a mini-lesson that is science or social studies related. There is also a read-aloud with some accountable talk before they are sent of to do a task that requires them to be creative and use lots of vocabulary.

Today, we had a lot of fun making a human solar system. Then, I read a book and did a lot of thinking aloud. There were lots of opportunities to turn and talk in order to process this information.

After reading all about the planets, I told them that they were going to get a chance to create their own planet! They used torn magazine clippings to create their planet.

Then,we wrote "newspaper articles" about the breaking news!

Planet Bling Bling? Oh-No-She-Di-int! =)

I was pretty impressed with my art skills...considering the fact that I'm an AWFUL artist!

So, during my thematic studies...what am I doing? I try to get around from table to table and talk to them about what they are doing. I love listening to the types of conversations where they tell me how they are "adding rings to their planet because they decided it was a gaseous planet that wouldn't have life" GAH! =)

It's also a great time to talk back to them- especially if the are ESL and could benefit from hearing the language spoken correctly.

Here are a few more bits and pieces...

More to come soon- and the whole unit will be uploaded by the end of the week =)


  1. I checked your blog today and was soooo rewarded to find the SNEAK PEEK!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Will you be talking more about what "accountable talk" is? I am not familiar with that but would love to know more!
    THANK YOU!!! Will you be sharing your writing sheets too (hope so!) LOVE the new planet idea!!! We have already done our space unit BUT I am soooo excited to read and enjoy yours and save for next year!!! Hugs and thanks!

  2. hey cindy!!!
    I SO appreciate your comments!!! I'm totally uploading the entire unit (and I include my read alouds with accountable talk prompts!) Have you ever read The Art of Teaching Reading by Lucy Caulkins? She has a chapter called "A curriculum of Talk" that helped me a TON!
    More later,
    tabb :)

  3. Very cute! I can't wait to see more of this unit...I'm planning to do a whole Space Unit soon...and this would be very helpful! :)


  4. gladys, thanks!! it's totally going to be posted this weekend! =) (love your blog btw)