Thursday, April 28, 2011

Honest To Blog...

This morning started business as usual. Chatting, shopping for just right books, attendance lunch, the whole song and dance. I happened to be counting permission slips for our field trip to the zoo tomorrow, and I looked around...and magic was happening 

I mean...honest to blog MAGIC. 
It started with one little button who came up to me and told me that she found her mom's sticky notes at home. She went on to tell me that she was having thoughts and questions as she was reading with her sister and she wanted to record her thoughts. (We have had many mini-lessons on the notion that good readers have thoughts and feeling when they read- and use sticky notes to mark them)
**GAH!!!* =) 
I was BEAMING with joy. 

SO that was one altercation. I was smiling and still beaming...and then I looked around, and I swear to you, they had randomly partnered up and sort of did their own organic learning/reading together! 

I mean, I saw...

These cuties reading a class-made book and giggling together...

These boys were having a discussion about Hot Wheels and car parts...

This is little Miss Sticky Note herself, sharing her thoughts with a friend....

Searching for a book because she just told me she wanted to write down the title to make a summer reading list...(omg!)

And these two were in a song book practicing the hand game they read together. 

It was one of those fleeting moments where magic was happening.
Not one argument. 
Kind words and deep book talks. 
Organic and unassigned. 

I literally started my workshop 15 minutes late because...WHY would I interrupt something like that? All I could do is walk around, snap a few quick shots and sit and enjoy their learning that was manifesting in front of me. 

It made me feel good, and it made me feel like my little kiddos were really becoming a community of readers- who read by choice and outside of the classroom. 
I don't want to make you think that everyday isn't meaningful and just as deep- because I'm usually dealing with the normal teacher issues- tattle telling, shhhh-ing, and refocusing- 
but to look up and see them all SO engaged....well, it just made me have to share! 

P.S.- Anyone going to the zoo soon? Here's a response sheet- feel free to grab it! 


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  1. That was magic! You must have cried tears of joy! Thank you for your kind comment :)