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Please contact me at for staff development sessions. I specialize in workshop teaching and can offer trainings on the following topics:

“What is Workshop?”This session will provide teachers with a basic framework for workshop teaching. This framework is applicable to reading, writing, and math instruction. Scheduling, time frames, and balanced literacy components will be discussed. This is where teachers get the baseline knowledge for workshop instruction, and where workshop myths are debunked.

“Minilessons that Pack a Punch!”The minilesson. Subjected to every teacher’s interpretation. But should it be? Teachers will learn the research-based structure of an effective minilesson. Actual recordings of a minilesson will be available for viewing. Lesson planning templates will be available as well. We will practice writing minilessons during this session!

“Making the Heart of Your Workshop Beat”
In this session, we will dive into the components that are necessary to include in your schedule that will support your workshop lessons. The components include topics such as shared reading and writing, interactive writing and read alouds with accountable talk, and word study/vocabulary. All of these components can be used to support the work happening in your reading and writing workshops.

“Engagement and Goal Setting During Independent Learning Time” Now that you have the workshop basics under control, you’re probably wanting to rev up the student work and accountability during the independent portion of your workshop. Learn how to take your student work to the next level with small groups, guided reading, learning progressions, continuums, and much more!

“Conferring” Conferring. To many teachers, this is the most intimidating part of workshop! This session can be delivered in a few ways. We can lightly cover all of the methods of conferring, or we can break them down into topics such: “Conference Scheduling,” “Note Taking for Assessment,” “Types of Conferring and When to Use Them”, and “Conferring Continuums.” Tips for creating a conferring tool kits that would travel with the teacher will be included as well.

"Small Groups...Where do I Even Start?"In this session, we will pick a part the many options teachers have when doing small group work. We will talk about flexible grouping, strategy groups, guided reading groups, and guided writing groups. Scheduling options will be explored as well.

"How Do I Run a Workshop If My Students Can't Read?"
What happens when you teach Kindergarten or English Language Learners and they can't read? Plenty! In this session we will explore ways to get your pre-readers fully engaged in a reading workshop. 

"Math Workshop 101" 
Math Workshop can be run just as a reading or a writing workshop! In this session we will talk about the structure of a math block ran the "workshop way." We will look at the math mini-lesson, work time, and share time through a mathematical lens.

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