All About Mrs. Tabb

A first grade teacher at heart, but serving as a 1/2 day Kingergarten teacher and 1/2 time instructional coach for my school this year. Whew!

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I'm a Christian, I believe in Jesus Christ and am proud to say it. I'm a daughter to two parents and sister to one cute button who just graduated college. 

March 27, 2010: Enter my Best Friend and Soul Mate: David aka Husband. He's so amazing you should check out our engagement story!

We have the best photograper in the world, and here are a few photos!

Other things...
I feel that the Lord has given me some talents that I want to use more. I am a natural performer- ex cheerleader, showchoir member, and dance team member. After college I felt that that part of my life was lacking so I found...

I am a zumba instructor all around my city! Yay!

I'm also blessed in the art of making things pretty. I help out with friends' weddings, party invitations, interior was my second choice as a major in college, so now it is more for fun.
I have no children yet...but probably will start a family soon! We are built a house and I'm super excited about that!

So that's me in a nutshell. Happy, Blessed, and Surrounded by great people!